Betreten der Baustelle erwünscht 2012  

Hauptbahnhof Wien, Städtebauliche Entwicklung: "Leben am Helmut Zilk Park"

the proposal consists in opening parts of the site already during the process of construction. so the public can access the new neighbourhood until its completion in 2020. the area will be "inhabited" part by part, gain character and vice versa give a new identity to the adjacent quaters by finally connecting them.

first step: opening the park for different types of temporary use

second step:  giving access via the bridges over the railway aisle

third phase: opening the access lane through the 12 ha - mixed use area and implementing basic (temporary) infrastructure for small start-ups. that way they can run their test stage under convenient economic conditions, maybe settle down and become an attractor.

idea competition, Vienna (client: ÖBB​) with Daniela Patti